I have many years of Web Design, Development  and Maintenance experience

Website Design & Maintenance

Websites that improve customer interactions and increase business don’t just happen. Creating efficient, functional and profitable websites means first getting a solid grasp of my clients’ goals and strategy, their branding and their target market. Only then I can produce a design that both functions correctly and delivers a healthy ROI.

Website design isn’t just about how your site looks. It’s about the underlying architecture, ease of navigation and persuasive copy that gets results. A website needs to look the way you want it to look, say what you want it to say and deliver the results you’re after. That’s no easy feat.

I being with the highest quality Website architecture, leveraging my technology expertise with innovative and engaging design build not just a website, but solid business investment — one that will continue to deliver results for a long time.

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I’m Web Technology Expert

The Internet is full of cookie-cutter design services. But when it comes to custom services it is easy to be fooled by a company that has design skills but is not equipped to develop a Website that effectively meets your online needs.

In 2004, I began designing successful user experiences. Now, I can build practical, high quality custom Websites capable of achieving any business goal. With the latest advancements in Web design and development, My Web specialties include:

  • Responsive Website design (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • jQuery / Ajax
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Integrations etc.

Content Management System

Websites are constantly being updated with new content. As Web technology has advanced, I have continually improved functionality and processes to the work I provide to my clients. With my wide arrange of tools, you get everything you need to keep fresh, relevant content on your site.

My intuitive, user-friendly interfaces allows you to create, upload and organize content, add or remove pages, hide pages, adjust administrative access and more. I can even build specific tools and sections of your site to meet the exact needs of your business and your customers.

Rich Text Editing lets you update content, images and links and set styles—even switch to HTML mode so you can add your own code, or embed code from sites like YouTube. I even provide custom SEO tools so you can add meta descriptions and keywords to configure pages for search engine optimization.

Web Application Development

Web applications have begun to dominate the technology landscape. With some of my clients having hundreds of computer workstations company-wide, Web applications have the significant advantage of immediate updating—saving the expense of individual distribution, installation and updating of software on each computer.

I create custom Web applications and other development solutions that are flexible and responsive, enhancing Internet and intranet functionality and increasing productivity for my clients. From a solid understanding of modern business procedures I discover opportunities for innovation that result in elegant, intuitive Web applications with full, cross-platform compatibility.

E-commerce and Online Shopping

For an e-commerce Website that grabs attention and ignites sales, your platform needs to be flawless and functional. I craft premier e-commerce websites that enhance the customers buying experience and encourage response — everything from sophisticated shopping cart software to real time transaction management.


People shop online because it’s convenient and virtually pain free. If your e-commerce site leaves customers clicking around in circles, you won’t capture all those “shop in your pajamas” buyers that are fueling the incredible online shopping boom. Your site needs to use-it-in-your-sleep easy to not only encourage visitors to make a purchase, but come back for more, again and again. I make sure it happens.

Online Merchandising

Vital to any e-commerce site, your online merchandising should display strong graphical elements, alluring copy and pricing indicators that strike emotional and psychological chords with the customer and ushers them through the check-out process. I can help here, too.

Web Integration

The Web is radically transforming the way we communicate and do business every day —providing instant information, increasing business efficiency and changing the very way business is transacted. Years of collaboration with a broad base of business clients has given me hands-on understanding of standard procedures and best practices, that lets me spot areas for improvement and enhancement. I, then engineers that gained knowledge and experience into a wide range of Web integration tools that are ready—right now—to start increasing your bottom line.

Mobile Optimization & Development

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers rely more and more on the Internet and Smartphones for news and information. Businesses need mobile-friendly Websites and designs to connect with and stay relevant to this new market of mobile-connection consumers. But capturing the attention of consumers already bombarded with competing messages is a huge challenge. I can give you the edge.

Consumers demand an optimized experience in the design of content on their tablets and Smartphones. Sites that are too cumbersome to navigate will be avoided. In addition, the variety of tablets and mobile devices available often demand that mobile Website optimization be built to suit each platform. It takes skill and expertise to deliver that kind of optimized experience and I have done it time and again, for businesses like yours.

My clients view me as a partner and a trusted advisor — identifying opportunities and providing the mobile technology solutions that allow them to capitalize on this vital, growing market.

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